Our mission is to create positive and systemic environmental impact by advancing chitosan chemistry solutions.

We create systemic change by making chitosan lower cost, more convenient, and better performing than synthetic chemicals.

Our Story

1. Everything is Interlinked

Tidal Vision’s founders met through their love of the ocean, and independently discovered that chitosan had the unique potential to change the world – by displacing harmful chemistry. As captain of his own fishing boat, Craig saw first-hand how in Alaska alone, two billion pounds of fish and crab byproducts are discarded to rot annually. This waste not only represents missed economic opportunity, but also poses environmental threats when concentrated on the ocean floor. Zach’s passion for the outdoors is interlinked with the essential understanding that systems change requires more affordable products that function as well (or better) than the status quo.  Tidal Vision was founded on the belief that sustainability should never be a compromise.

2. Scale & Circularity Matter

Safer chemistry improves life on earth. In the past, chitosan was produced for niche applications; it was dirty and it was expensive. For planetary systems change, industry needs circular solutions at scale.

We thrive thanks to cascading breakthroughs. First, our closed-loop technology delivers at a fraction of the price, significantly reduces impact, and generates a biodynamic agricultural input. Second, our full-stream vertical integration flows from production, into liquid blending, and finally into a deep ocean of solutions expertise. 

No one knows chitosan like we do, and every one here seeks to save our customers time and money while upgrading performance. Our theory of change requires it.

3. Innovation for the Next Generation

Our application technologies build on our upstream & foundational technologies to solve specific real world problems.

We house our customer-specific products in three divisions where each benefits from the other’s technology advances in addition to the foundational technologies that support everything we do. The entire system learns from itself to provide continuous innovation for and in partnership with our customers.

Grow today. Grow tomorrow.

Engineered bio-materials from nature, for nature.

Coagulant & flocculant solutions for water clarity

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We believe in our people & our people believe in making a difference.

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Our Vision

We believe that sustainability should not require our customers to compromise on price, convenience or performance

We are continuously working to further the adoption of chitosan in large-volume industrial applications where our chitosan solutions have the potential to create positive and systemic environmental change across entire industries.

Our Values

We value innovation and take pride in challenging the status-quo; we choose to view obstacles as opportunities.

We value new ideas, and encourage the team to apply creativity, invent new solutions, and meet challenging demands.

We value open, transparent communication, active consent culture, and foster a collaborative working environment.

We value our employees and demonstrate that through our compensation and benefits programs and opportunities for growth and development.

We are committed to diversity and inclusion for all employees. This is a learning process that involves examining our own habituated ways of working and shifting to ways of working that will not only attract, but also sustain, engagement and employment regardless of race, color, national origin, ancestry, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, genetic information, veteran status, or uniformed service member status. Achieving equity is our goal. We invite all who are willing to join in our commitment to apply and help shape our ongoing efforts.

Our Proposition

Medical & Dental Insurance | Life/AD&D Insurance | 401k Retirement with Employer Matching | Employee Assistance Program | 21.67 PTO Days per Year + 10 Holidays | Tuition Reimbursement | + more

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