Farmer profitability in the future of agriculture: Part 1 of 2

Tools and strategies to farm today and forever

Farmers make up about 25% of the global workforce, yet are responsible for feeding, fueling, and clothing the entire world. Ensuring farmer profitability is as critical to the future of agriculture as building soil health and safeguarding crops.

To meet the demands of our growing population, growers need access to tools and strategies that provide higher returns on investments and protect valuable production resources. At Tidal Grow® AgriScience, we keep farming profitable—today and forever—with resources to help farmers access higher value markets, larger ROIs, and better soil health with more efficient and effective inputs.

In this two-part series about farmer profitability and the future of agriculture, we’ll explore how precision agriculture technologies, incentive programs, and advanced crop inputs can help growers maximize the value of every acre and secure a profitable future for their operations.

We kick off this series by sharing cutting-edge tools and strategies that growers can start using today to increase profitability, including:

  • Why precision agriculture software is becoming a powerful tool to help lower costs and increase ROI.
  • How farmers can access federal and state incentives that reward the production of cleaner food and fuel.
  • What plant nutrition and crop protection solutions growers can try risk-free today to maximize earnings while protecting soil health and improving crop health.

Then in Part 2, we’ll examine the evolution of crop input technologies, like enhanced nitrogen fertilizers that give farmers a 3:1 return on investment and effective crop protection that allow growers to be good environmental stewards of the land while protecting yields.

Data is power in precision agriculture

Farmers have been successfully leveraging data to monitor operations such as water usage, application rates, and crop yields for the past 30 years using the internet and GPS. Today, new precision agriculture tools can analyze all this data together to uncover clear agronomic patterns and provide recommendations to maximize field profitability on an acre-by-acre basis.
Optimize your field’s potential with Arva Intelligence, an easy-to-use data aggregation software that connects seamlessly with your existing agronomic data streams and provides recommendations to reduce costs and maximize farmer profitability.

Precision agriculture is a farm management approach that uses on-farm data and technologies to optimize crop production efficiency. Agronomic data aggregation software is a precision agriculture tool that can analyze each of your acres for specific inputs and yields, so growers can quickly understand the outcomes of their efforts and make real-time decisions. By incorporating additional data for environmental conditions, like rainfall during the season, growers can gain spatial awareness of how factors like soil fertility and weather patterns vary across their fields. This allows for a targeted approach for a growers crop input strategy.

Precision ag gives farmers the confidence to try new products

Precision agriculture also allows you to easily trial new products and assess their effectiveness in your specific fields. You can quickly understand what’s working best for your crops, and make informed decisions to optimize your input investments.
Tidal Grow AgriScience has partnered with Arva Intelligence so farmers can try our crop inputs risk-free through our Product Performance Guarantee. This easy-to-use software tracks your field progress for increased yields, or your money back. It’s that simple.

With customized input recommendations, farmers can maximize the value of every acre for greater crop production and increased revenue. Tidal Grow AgriScience has partnered with Arva Intelligence, a data aggregation and agronomic AI platform, to support our growers in their journey to maximizing crop performance. Learn more about how we’re using Arva Intelligence to make data-driven agronomics easy and risk-free with our Product Performance Guarantee.

Tidal Grow AgriScience helps growers capture tax credits using precision agriculture software

Farmers can leverage field-level data from precision farming software to access tax incentives and premium markets that reward data-driven management practices.

Take the 45Z Clean Fuel tax credit, for example. This U.S. federal incentive provides a per-ton credit for the production of low-emissions biofuels, like ethanol. Growers can become eligible for these tax credits by showing what practices and products they use to reduce the carbon intensity (CI) of their operations. By using Tidal Grow Agriscience crop input solutions, growers can reduce the carbon intensity of their production.

Through the 45z Clean Fuel tax credit, ethanol producers can earn $0.054 per bushel per acre for reducing their CI score by 1-point. Ethanol producers can choose to share significant value with their growers. Tidal Grow AgriScience products can drive carbon intensity scores down by 2 to 5 points, depending on your location and farming practices.

Maximize your tax credit earnings

Our partners at Arva Intelligence have a proven track record of helping growers access $20 million in payments for regenerative agriculture practices in 2023. Here’s how the numbers break down:

  • For every 1-point drop in your CI score per acre, the ethanol producer earns $0.054 per bushel
  • That means a 2-point CI reduction on 200 bu/acre corn = $21.60 per acre in tax credits to an ethanol producer.
  • If your ethanol buyer shares 50% of those profits, then the grower can pockets an extra $10.80 per acre

Arva Intelligence found Tidal Grow AgriScience products can drive CI scores down by 2 to 5 points, depending on your location. To learn more about how to maximize your earnings through tax credits for low-carbon ethanol production, contact us today. Our team at Tidal Grow AgriScience, in partnership with Arva Intelligence for their precision ag expertise, is ready to help you navigate the process and ensure you’re getting the most value from your crop inputs.

“We’re excited to partner with Arva Intelligence to empower farmers with the insights and confidence they need to get the most value out of every acre,” said Norm Davy, Chief Commercial Officer at Tidal Grow AgriScience, “Our partnership with Arva Intelligence allows us to put data and proven technologies directly into the hands of farmers.”

In fact, the team at Tidal Grow AgriScience is currently formulating and field-testing alignNTM, an ultra-effective enhanced nitrogen fertilizer. Growers can achieve a 3:1 ROI, and more, plus bigger yields by delivering nitrogen with enhanced efficiency using alignNTM. Learn more about how alignN reduces nitrogen applications by 40lbs in corn fields from our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Ramesh Raliya, in Part 2 of this series.

Building a profitable future for farming

Farmers are the backbone of global resource production, but the rising costs of production and changing regulatory landscape can eat away at hard-earned profits. Farmers want to keep their land and pass it on to the next generation. To do so, we need to build a profitable future for farming.
Tidal Grow AgriScience is committed to cultivating a regenerative future in agriculture that benefits farmers today and for generations to come.
At Tidal Grow AgriScience, we innovate crop input technologies for growers in all types of growing systems. We believe farming can, and should, remain an attractive and lucrative career path. When growers can consistently earn the profits they deserve, it paves the way for agricultural communities to flourish, food prices to remain affordable, and for future generations to continue forward with the family farm.

Don’t miss out on Part 2 of farmer profitability in the future of agriculture

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series, where we’ll dive into the evolution of enhanced nitrogen fertilizers and how Tidal Grow is developing crop input solutions focused on maximizing farmer profitability and environmental stewardship. Don’t forget to check out our Product Performance Guarantee to try our solutions risk-free today. Whether you’re cultivating broadacre crops like corn or soybeans, nurturing high-value vegetable or fruit crops, or tending to perennial trees like almonds, we’re here to partner with you.

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