Product Performance Guarantee

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Our bioactive solutions are designed to fit any cropping system. If you don’t at least break even on the cost from using our product(s), we will provide your retailer or dealer a refund to issue credit your account.

It’s this simple: We believe our products will be successful on your farm. Otherwise, we’ll make it right.


Grower Eligibility

Try innovative technologies on your farm, risk-free.


The grower must use any Tidal Grow® AgriScience product, including: Pacific Gro® Oceanic, Pacific Gro® Oceanic Organic, Pacific Gro® SeaPhos, Pacific Gro® SeaPhos Organic, Tidal Grow® Spectra, and/or GENMAX®.


The grower must apply according to the respective recommended rate and application timing via product label, Tidal Grow AgriScience published Application Guides, Crop Consultants, Certified Crop Advisers, or the selling retailer or dealer.


The grower must enroll a minimum of 40 acres within a test field. Any crop can be enrolled into the Product Performance Guarantee Program. A retailer/dealer must complete enrollment within 60 days of the first product application, in addition to connecting digital agronomic data and uploading as-applied maps into the Arva Intelligence CropForce™ platform.


We support sustainable, profitable farming

Driven by historical agronomic data

Together with Arva Intelligence, we support climate-smart and financial-rewarding farming. Their data-driven, agronomic AI delivers verified assets and transparency. CropForce™ by Arva Intelligence is purpose-built to deliver a clear picture of every acre’s maximum value and a simple path to full profit.

The partnership between Tidal Grow AgriScience and Arva Intelligence demonstrates our commitment in supporting growers in their journey to maximizing crop performance by improving soil health and boosting plant health. This collaboration allows growers, retailers/dealers, and crop consultants the ability to prove sustainability and carbon impact when tracking performance when utilizing our marine-based solutions.

We support all cropping systems. Enroll today.

Do your thing. If you don’t break even after using our products*, we’ll make it right. 

After completing the enrollment form, we will contact you to get started.


*Grower must follow all program requirements to be eligible for product refund, if the field tested does at least break even, compared to grower standard.

Product Performance Guarantee Enrollment Form