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How Growers are Addressing Some of Agriculture’s Greatest Challenges

We are growers, just like you. We understand the challenges of modern farming, including changing regulations, extreme weather, farm operating costs, nutrient use efficiency, and the relentless pressure to improve crop yield potential. We’re on a mission to help solve some of agriculture’s greatest challenges by equipping you with the agronomic intelligence, tools, solutions, and a dedicated team to support your harvest goals.

We’ve got dirt on our boots and farming in our blood

Our Tidal Grow® AgriScience team isn’t just a group of experts; we’re seasoned growers with decades of practical, boots-on-the-ground experience. We grew up on farms and are incredibly proud of it. We understand your drive to maximize profits, boost yields, and protect your valuable production resources. That’s why we design novel agricultural solutions to improve soil health and to enhance plant health—feeding into higher profitability potential at harvest time. Our talented biomolecular scientists engineer entirely new levels of nutrient use efficiency and multimodal pathogen control with their farming families in mind. Our vision is to help farmers address their biggest challenges, like managing nutrient use efficiency from a performance and profitability standpoint, but also from an environmental and social perspective.

Tidal Grow AgriScience scientists research next generation solutions
Tidal Grow AgriScience scientists continuously research next generation technologies to bring growers solutions that positively impact yield performance for broadacre, perennial nut and fruit trees, and high-value fruit and vegetable produce crops.

When current market offerings fall short of addressing your unique challenges, we don’t wait—we innovate. With a team of powerful chemists and scientists, led by Dr. Ramesh Raliya, we are designing the next generation of crop inputs for entirely new levels of effectiveness. We’re building towards a future where ultra-effective foliar nitrogen applications lower the amount of synthetic nitrogen required, all while saving time, labor, logistics and increasing grower ROI. We will equip farmers with new products that are more efficacious with the performance you trust to maximize crop protection. Our upcoming offerings are undergoing extensive field trials to refine application specifics so farmers can use them effectively once released. Our team creates the solutions to ensure farming becomes not just a livelihood, but a profitable legacy for our families and the generations to come.

At Tidal Grow AgriScience, we have strong agronomic and technical expertise at every level throughout our team, and we build upon the legacy of regenerative agriculture solutions started by the team at Pacific Gro®.

TGA grower family walking crop field implements regenerative solutions to improve soil and plant health
A grower walks his soybean field after incorporating Tidal Grow AgriScience technologies into his crop input strategy.

In 2022, Tidal Grow AgriScience acquired Pacific Gro, manufacturer of the liquid fertilizers Oceanic and Sea Phos made from upcycled seafood waste—uniting the two groups of experts as one Tidal Grow AgriScience team. Pacific Gro has been making industry-leading fish hydrolysate rich in amino acid nitrogen and amino sugars from micronized crab and bioavailable phosphorus from fish bone on the coast of Washington for the past 18 years. It all started with Jim Brackins, an inventor who wanted a dry fish product to put on crops to improve soil and plant health. He didn’t feel the market had technology that positively impacted crops or utilized fish waste economically, so he set out to make his own. Jim struggled with the dry product but along the way he kept making a liquid fertilizer rich in fish bone and fish oils. Jim made a deal with the local dairies in the area to put the marine-sourced liquid product on their hay as he kept inventing. The local dairies loved it. Turns out this liquid fish product was boosting their hay yields, providing amino acid nitrogen in a bioavailable form along with fish oil and fatty acids to feed beneficial fungi in the soil. This is what led Jim to develop industry-leading fish hydrolysate products with cold-vortex manufacturing that protects nutrient integrity and drives high value for customers. 

potato grower evaluates crop performance after using Spectra
A potato grower trials in the Columbia River Plateau where Tidal Grow AgriScience products increased potato yields compared to grower standard. 

Today, these powerful liquid fertilizers can be accessed through Tidal Grow AgriScience alongside our advanced biomolecular solutions for multimodal pathogen control, improved nutrient use efficiency, and potent seed treatment. We will continue to evolve our technology, bring on the right people, processes, and products to help farmers and growers deal with their greatest challenges and educate the marketplace along the way.

How Growers can Maximize ROI with Regenerative Agricultural Solutions

We know you have endless options when developing your crop input strategy. Today, farmers have various approaches to enhance both soil and crop health, including considerations for nutrient availability and uptake, water holding capacity, disease pressure, and insect infestations. 

Tidal Grow AgriScience agronomist walks an almond orchard to improve soil and plant health
A Tidal Grow AgriScience team member walks an almond orchard in California to provide agronomic recommendations.

Our team of agronomic experts walk your fields with you to create a detailed recommendation to boost your ROI. Growers can expect proposed solutions that will activate your crops’ natural immune systems and fortify them against abiotic stress, including drought. Some of our products are designed to fight pathogens directly, stimulate growth and boost yield—all from our soil and plant health building solutions. 


We think about agronomy in a proactive way. We want your spring-time orchard to be vibrant, smelling like life and natural earth, with leaves out flat welcoming you. Abundant flowers in the spring are indicative of higher yields, and adequate amounts of phosphorus promote greater flowering and root formation. Since phosphorus is directly involved in creating energy for plants, we are likely to recommend applications of bioavailable phosphorus in your spring soil primer, especially if you have highly calcareous soils or alkaline pHs. Fish bone is a great source of phosphorus, especially when the product is cold vortex processed to protect its nutrient integrity. If your orchard didn’t get enough phosphorus early on, then it’s especially important to apply bioavailable forms that will be immediately absorbed by your plants for more vegetative growth. Season after season, our commitment is to ensure your path to harvest is smooth and abundant.

Tidal Grow AgriScience agronomist evaluates perennial tree crop
Tidal Grow AgriScience offers upcycled seafood byproducts, advanced biomolecular solutions for multimodal pathogen control, and seed treatments.

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On this blog, expect insightful discussions, practical tips, and a closer look at the real-world applications of our tailored solutions. So, keep doing your thing! We support all cropping systems. Whether you’re cultivating broadacre crops like corn or soybeans, nurturing high-value vegetable or fruit crops, or tending to perennial trees like almonds, we’re here to partner with you. Our commitment to ‘Farm today. Farm tomorrow.’ isn’t just a slogan; it’s a promise. We’re here to assist you in delivering healthy crops today, in 100 years, and 1,000 years from now. 

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We are growers, just like you. We understand the challenges of modern farming, including ...
We are growers, just like you. We understand the challenges of modern farming, including ...

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