Tidal Grow® AgriScience receives USDA Fertilizer Production Expansion Grant to Expand Leading Regenerative Fertilizer Production

Funding will Triple Production for Bioactive Carbon-Based Fertilizers

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — Tidal Grow® AgriScience, a division of Tidal Vision Products Inc., has been awarded a Fertilizer Production Expansion Program (FPEP) grant by the USDA. This funding significantly increases production of the popular seafood hydrolysate liquid fertilizers Oceanic® and SeaPhos®. Tidal Grow AgriScience manufactures novel plant nutrition and crop protection solutions. With this grant, a new facility breaks ground in Texas and expands production in Washington, tripling the capacity of these bioactive carbon-based fertilizers and accelerating the adoption of regenerative agriculture solutions.

This national investment in climate-smart technologies supports farmers substantially as demand surges for resilient, effective, and domestically manufactured fertilizers. The USDA’s endorsement of Tidal Grow AgriScience underscores its commitment to advancing agriculture by harnessing the power of bioactive nutrition solutions that are both circular and scalable.

“Amidst continued global conflict and disrupted supply chains, American growers need novel regenerative solutions that improve soil and plant health to achieve higher yields,” said Norm Davy, CCO at Tidal Grow AgriScience. “Made by up-cycling waste from the seafood industry, our plant nutrition and crop protection products offer agronomists and growers creative solutions to solve some of agriculture’s greatest challenges.”  

“This grant enables us to triple supply for growers nationwide and supports domestic production with next generation technologies,” said Tom Robeson, VP of manufacturing at Tidal Grow AgriScience. “Our proprietary carbon-based fertilizers improve nutrient uptake and build soil health with marine-based omega lipids, amino-acid nitrogen, and critical soluble nutrients like phosphorus and calcium.”

Tidal Grow AgriScience will immediately begin constructing the new facility in Orange, Texas, to rapidly increase the production and availability of bioactive fertilizers. The manufacturing locations in Texas and Washington were strategically chosen to align with its supply chain for efficient distribution—feeding America’s crop production.

Due to growing market demand for the technologies offered by Tidal Grow AgriScience, Tidal Vision plans to invest over $10 million in capital growth. This additional investment will scale manufacturing for the entire portfolio of advanced agricultural products and introduce novel technologies to the market within three to five years.

For additional information about Tidal Grow Agriscience solutions and initiatives, visit TidalGrowAg.com


About Tidal Grow® AgriScience

Tidal Grow®AgriScience, a division of Tidal Vision, designs novel agricultural solutions to help farmers maximize profit, increase yield, and protect crop production resources with the next generation of technologies for a healthier population and planet. The Tidal GrowAgriScience product portfolio harnesses the power of nature to create effective plant nutrition and crop protection products to help farmers optimize for performance, profitability, and legacy. Learn more at TidalGrowAg.com.

About Tidal Vision

Tidal Vision is an advanced biomolecular solutions company working to unlock scalable solutions for pressing chemistry and pollution challenges in the water, agriculture, and material science industries. Tidal Vision is headquartered in Washington State, USA with facilities nationwide and ~190 employees. Learn more at TidalVision.com.

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We are growers, just like you. We understand the challenges of modern farming, including ...

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